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There is an experienced team supporting the provision of our technology. Since its foundation in 2009, docu tools has established itself on the market with its cloud-based software. But three years ago, a transformation took place: After the company went bankrupt, employees Maximilian Allmayer-Beck and Alexander Partsch took over and rebuilt the company. Since 2020, docu tools has been turning a profit with 17 employees and no external investors. As CEO and CTO respectively, Allmayer-Beck and Partsch took a conscious decision to focus on organic growth and independence in order to provide customers with the best possible support for their construction projects.

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The story behind docu tools

“Our solutions provide greater transparency in construction documentation, which in turn helps our customers to reduce their costs and create legal certainty”, says CEO Maximilian Allmayer-Beck when describing the added value of using the docu tools software. Previously, it was hard work to connect all involved parties and keep them up-to-date. By using docu tools, the error rate can be reduced and any duplication of effort can be avoided, all by using trustworthy technology”, explains CTO Alexander Partsch.

docu tools was originally established in 2009 but was taken over by employees Maximilian Allmayer-Beck and Alexander Partsch in 2020. Now employing 17 people, the Vienna-based company is developing the most user-friendly and flexible tool for documenting and organizing projects. docu tools is used in various sectors, including construction, building technology, administration, engineering and pharmaceuticals and can be easily integrated into existing systems. The company’s focus is providing reliable support and data security, while personally supporting customers through all phases of their project.

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