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Applications for your practice

So you’d like to know how to put docu tools to best use in daily operations on the construction site or perhaps in an existing property, with the aim of saving yourself a great deal of time and money? We’ve put together a few examples of how to use docu tools.

Building documentation for planners, owners and local authorities – information anywhere and in real time.

It’s these two features that make docu tools stand out as a platform for
documentation and communication:

Photo management

  • Locate all photos directly on the plan using a pin
  • Also works with just the photo, no plan needed

= Never again trawling through confusing file structures looking for photos

Project roles

  • Flexible role allocation with five different levels of authorization
  • Each project member only sees what he or she needs to

Further examples of use for your industry

For an even quicker overview, we have “pre-sorted” the various examples by the most frequent use cases.

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