docu tools for site supervision

Easily document any defects you discover on your walk-throughs and forward them directly to the general contractor or all trades.

These offices rely on docu tools

These offices rely on docu tools


Collaborate completely digitally with all participants on site and don’t waste time creating and sending reports

Working in

Create teams from your project members. This way, individual tasks can be assigned to entire teams and completed by each team member. In addition, all team members can see each other’s tasks and thus collaborate in a coordinated manner within the team.

Multi-level task
and defect management

Tasks created in a pin can be assigned directly to the general contractor (GC). The general contractor can create further tasks for all necessary trades in one and the same pin and immediately pass them on to the right employees. Thus, the general contractor knows exactly when the task has been completed by his subcontractors, can accept it after success and finally report it to the site supervision as completed.

Individual pin fields for
data recording

Whether you want to record a room number, required labor/ working hours, a supplementary estimate or cubic meters of concrete in a pin, none of this is a problem with our freely definable pin fields. In combination with our customized report designs, this is a powerful tool that can handle multifaceted processes of countless use cases.

Construction side safety / coordination

Occupational safety - Site safety – Documentation

of the protective measures and their compliance, measures for this are documented, sources of danger are recorded pictorially and eliminated immediately; e.g.: work during demolition, fall protection, in the vicinity of gas pipes, etc.

Construction delay / scheduling

With a perfect overview of all outstanding defects and tasks, scheduling is easier and you always have all events that lead to construction delays perfectly documented.