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The documentation software docu tools has been developed in Vienna since 2009. The young team at docu tools GmbH places a strong focus on simple, intuitive usability and versatile application options. Numerous companies use the smart features such as evidence preservation, task coordination and cloud storage to handle complex construction projects. Today docu tools GmbH employs 11 people in Vienna. Through many years of experience, we know your daily challenges around construction and real estate projects and accompany you as a digital partner!

Solid construction documentation

Fast plan import

docu tools offers the most powerful import for your plans on the market. This means that all plan documents can be kept up to date and can also be accessed immediately on all mobile devices. In addition, revisions for existing plans can also be imported – your set pins remain exactly in their position.

Location directly on the plan

Pins can be placed directly on your plans with a simple push of a button, be it complex building & civil engineering plans, P&I schematics, photos or simple hand sketches. Top resolution and infinitely variable zoom guarantee that you will find the desired position.

Quickly record defects on site

Set a pin, assign a title, take a photo: only docu tools makes it so easy. Create your complete documentation intuitively and in just a few steps.

Offline/online mode for smartphones and tablets

Can be used anywhere, even under difficult conditions: On iOS- Android- and Microsoft devices with touchscreen (e.g. Surface) you can work offline without interruption and also independent of your internet reception. Be it in the basement of buildings, in a tunnel or in the open field.

QR codes for immediate pin location

QR codes can be easily created and applied on site: This way you mitigate the risk of mix-ups in sensitive processes and find exactly the correct pin to the object you are looking for.

GPS navigation on all plans

With this function, you can display your own position via GPS on the plans of your mobile devices and easily find your way even in extensive terrain.

Customized reporting

Report templates designable in MS Word and Excel

You already have report designs that you have created in MS Word or Excel? All the better: You can transfer these layouts directly into docu tools and use sophisticated placeholders to define the content as desired and have it created automatically.

Output reports in the format of your choice

Reports can be output in multiple formats (PDF, Word and Excel documents) and shared directly – without printer jams and paper chaos.

Easy sharing via link

Reports can quickly become voluminous and require large amounts of data. So that you can still send them conveniently by e-mail, we create a separate download link for each report for you.

Filtered reports

Your reporting can be completely customized to your needs: Work with trade-specific reports, create daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly reports or use handover protocols: with our customized templates, there are no limits to your reporting.

Collaboration & task management

Transparent and simple approval process

Assign tasks to your project team members, have their work confirmed and easily verified with a photo. Keep track of all activities on site and verify completed tasks during final acceptance with just one click.

Deadlines and reminders

Set due dates for all tasks and get automatic reminders of missed or upcoming deadlines. This way, you’ll always be in control of your project’s schedule.

Recurring tasks

Maintenance or walk-throughs are just two examples of recurring tasks that need to be done repeatedly. Automate this process by simply setting a regular interval between the necessary repetitions.

Automatic e-mail notification

Get notified just the way you want it. Whether it’s daily summaries of everything going on at your job site or instant notifications about specific plans or pins, you decide what to be kept in the loop about and how.

Notifications and push notifications

You can follow plans, pins or groups to be informed about changes at any time. Push notifications also keep you up to date even if you don’t have docu tools open.

Project-wide user roles

Assign your project members one of our five sophisticated project roles. These have been developed with our extensive real-world experience and determine what project content your stakeholders are allowed to see, create or modify.

Work in teams

You can form your own teams from your project members. On the one hand, this makes it easy to assign tasks directly to an entire team, and on the other hand, within the scope of the respective role, it offers the possibility to share visibility and permissions for editing content among team members.

Free integration of all trades

To make the integration of your subcontractors as low-threshold as possible, we offer you the possibility to let them work on your project for free.

Enterprise Features

Superior license management

Stay on top of everything, whether you’re a small EPU or a large enterprise with hundreds of users. Assign global rights for shared organizational management, manage your sub-companies, departments or divisions separately, or share individual project folders: all with just one user account.

Single-Sign on

Take advantage of the company’s own authentication process with an individual interface.

Download project data

Do you need your project data saved locally? We allow you to save your documentation as JPG and PDF files, export all plans with pins set as well as Excel workbooks.

Additional security features

Make 2-factor authentication (SMS and Google Authenticator) mandatory or adjust the allowed session duration to raise your security standards even further.

Cross-project dashboards

Do you have a need for cross-project reporting? We would be happy to create individual dashboards for you so that you always have access to your statistics and data evaluations.

Automatic backups

Additionally secure all your project data with the use of automatic backups.

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Fits your system

Our software is designed to simplify and optimize your everyday work. To ensure that you can use the software without problems, you need to make sure that your device meets the minimum system requirements. We differentiate between desktop and mobile devices and the available storage space. We have also provided you with a list of recommended devices that we have tested.

Desktop devices

docu tools is optimized for the following browsers in the desktop version:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge

To guarantee an optimal overview and readability, we recommend the use of larger screens.

Since we continuously optimize our software, the latest version of the browser should always be installed on the device.

Mobile devices

The mobile version of docu tools is available for both iOS and Android systems. The app can be easily downloaded from the respective app store.

  • Apple iPad and iPhone: iPadOS13 resp. iOS13
  • Android Smartphone: Chrome from Version 71
  • Android Tablet: Android 8 (Oreo) or 9 (Pie) or 10 (Android Q)

In order for the docu tools app to work in offline mode, sufficient memory must be available. Therefore, we recommend devices with at least 128 GB of internal storage.

Here you will find a list of recommended devices that we have tested:

Apple devices

  • iPad 7. Generation
  • iPad Air 2019
  • iPad Pro 11" oder 12,9"
  • iPhone 8/8 Plus und höher

Android devices

  • Samsung Galaxy S10e, S10, S10+, Note 10/10+, S20, S20+, S20 Ultra
  • Xiaomi Mi 8
  • Huawei P30 Pro
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S7

All smartphones and tablets recommended here have at least 128 GB of internal storage and are therefore well suited for the use of docu tools. Please note, however, that smartphones and tablets usually already require a lot of storage space for photos and apps and still need to have enough storage capacity for docu tools.

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monthly per user
For all beginners and SMEs
2 active projects
100 imported plans
Support within 4 hours via ticket system
full range of functions
unlimited report templates
unlimited subcontractors
unlimited cloud storage
open API
constant updates
Two-factor authentication


monthly per user
For medium-sized companies
10 active projects
800 imported plans
Support within 4 hours via ticket system
full range of functions
unlimited report templates
unlimited subcontractors
unlimited cloud storage
open API
constant updates
Two-factor authentication


monthly per user
For large companies and corporations
unlimited projects
unlimitierte plans
Ticket system and telephone support
full range of functions
unlimited report templates
unlimited subcontractors
unlimited cloud storage
open API
constant updates
Two-factor authentication / SAML
docu tools. Document
your progress seamlessly.

Do you have any questions? We got the answers.

Can recurring activities also be handled in docu tools?

Yes, tasks with recurring due dates can be easily created in docu tools. Thus, for example, annual maintenance work can be stored and documented.

Can serial numbers and MAC addresses also be stored in docu tools?

Yes, here too docu tools offers the possibility to create a separate field in which different types of numbers can be entered, thus ensuring perfect documentation.

Can all preliminary work also be checked in docu tools?

Yes, our software is used on a daily basis to check and record preliminary work on the construction sites and to be able to output it immediately as a report.