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Easy handling of sophisticated construction projects.

Construction processes always under control, all stakeholders up to date and perfect documentations with just one click.

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Connecting and updating everyone on site used to be hard work. Enjoy the revolutionary efficient workflow of our battle-hardened tool.

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Our elaborate workflows reduce precious worktime by more than 20%. Record, assign tasks and get reminded of what still needs to be done.

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docu tools provides all project data – always and everywhere. Plus the substantial construction documentation helps give easy sleep, no matter what.

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Start with docu tools online and easy. We ensure continuous operation, data security in the Cloud and reliable service.


As of January 2019, Gerd Ingo Janitschek (52) has taken over the responsibilities of a further Managing Director at docu tools GmbH. Apart from his core management activities, he will focus on the company’s growth and further development.

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Happy Holidays and all the best for 2019! Here come docu tools’ current figures:

6,100 projects (+900)
224,000 plans (+ 30,000)
695,000 pins (+180,000!)
1.4 mio. photos (+400,000)

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THE must-event for owners, planners, architects and contractors:

We’ll be there again and are looking forward to your visit on our stand C5.118 at BAU 2019 in Munich!
To schedule your appointment in advance, please send us an E-Mail.

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We are proud to announce the 1st million photos in docu tools! Here’s the current figures compared to last month:

5,200 projects (+600)
194,000 plans (+ 74,000!)
515,000 pins (+65,000) and
1,000,000 (one million) photos
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The season on the construction site is still going strong: docu tools’ customers have again significantly risen our figures to currently
*4,600 projects (+600)
*120,000 plans (+14,000) mit 127,000 revisions (+25,000!)
*450,000 pins (+80,000)
*901,000 photos (+200,000, we’re approaching th first million!)
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Leaves are falling, work is rising: Welcome to September with docu tools. Seems also our customers took a short break in August, but now they’re back with around 4,000 projects (+500 to last month) with approx. 106,000 plans („only“ +6,000, but with a total of 112,000 revisions), where around 370,000 pins (+45,000) and just as many tasks (+25,000) have been set. The number of pictures has again increased by some 100,000 to around 700,000.

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Hot and busy: The docu tools summertime. Currently our customers are working on more than 3,500 projects (+800 towards June) with approx. 100,000 plans (plus more than 30 percent to June), where more than 325,000 pins (+105,000) with almost 345,000 tasks (+105,000) have yet been set. The number of pictures has  increased “only” by some 100,000 to around 610.000.

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Half a million photos!

Just a few days into July, here’s some current figures on the data volume in docu tools: As of today, our customers are working on more than 2,700 projects (+600 towards May) with approx. 68,000 plans (+32,000, almost double!), where more than 220,000 pins (+90,000) with almost 240,000 tasks (+90,000) have yet been set.

But the really big figure is the number of photos in docu tools, which has actually doubled in the last month. We now have half a million pictures in the software!

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Expo Real Munich, 8 to 10 October 2018

We are looking forward to you visit at stand A1.110! Or schedule your appointment in advance by E-Mail.

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Seeing the end of beautiful May, here’s some current figures on the use of docu tools: As of now, our customers are working on more than 2,100 projects (+400 towards April) with approx. 36,000 plans (+8,000), where more than 130,000 pins (+50,000) with almost 150,000 tasks (+55,000) have yet been set and 270,000 photos (+100,000) have been taken.

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“docu tools links long-time experience in the construction industry and intuitive software development. Due to the team’s personal experience with building projects, we have designed our tool into the smallest detail.”

Matthias Rant and Gerhard Schuster

CEOs and founders

Construction documentation for Planners, Owners and Municipalities
Stay informed everywhere and in real time.


Planning, Project management and Construction supervision

Construction professionals know that what happens on site often has little to do with the plan. Errors have to be identified, documented and corrected asap. We provide the perfect tool.


Owners, Facility and property management

Managing properties requires a good overview, fast assignment of tasks and their current status. docu tools makes your management easy.


Cities and Municipalities, Infrastructure companies

Continuous inspections and pending refurbishments have to be handled especially accurately and on time. docu tools helps with meeting the deadlines, the planning of investments and the constant flow of information with all project partners.


Klaus Unger

Head of Technical Building Facilities

Appreciates the international usability of docu tools and the fact that all contractors are always up to date.

Strabag Logo

Ingenos Gobiet Engineers

Anne Klauder

Construction supervision, Quality control

Countless plans, a camera and the notepad can stay home, as docu tools combines the tools required on the construction site in an absolutely user-friendly way.

Forstner Construction Management

Christoph Gangl

Construction supervision

For him, docu tools ensures a smooth and efficient progress in construction, especially by its short response time from defect detection to fix, which saves about 20 % of time


Harald Vavrovsky


Loves docu tools’ self-explanatory reports for contractors, which allow him to devote his time to the core of his business: design work.






Documentation software made for construction professionals by construction professionals

Assign tasks and information easy, fast and in real time with universal data access. What used to sound like Utopia just a few years ago has become reality with docu tools. Benefit from more than 30 years of experience in complex construction projects and sophisticated documentation.

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