docu tools for property managers / real estate

With docu tools you can document all buildings on generally accessible areas, all apartment handovers / acceptance and construction projects.

These offices rely on docu tools

These offices rely on docu tools

The perfect overview

With docu tools you have all your real estate always well documented. You can collaborate digitally with all your companies and manage all tasks centrally.

All projects in
your pocket

Thanks to the lightning-fast plan import and the smart design of the software, you always have all your objects with you and at hand on your smartphone, if necessary even without an Internet connection. You can document walk-throughs directly on digitized plans, set pins with just a few clicks and link them to photos taken in the same step.


With our interface to the CRM from iDWELL, you can easily document apartment handovers and automatically file finished reports in the right top in iDWELL. A transparent process up to the customer, where you can simply save work and time.


Recurring tasks/
QR Code Scanner

For recurring maintenance tasks, you can create tasks with freely selectable intervals, for example, annual routine activities can be reliably automated and controlled. In addition, you can also attach QR codes to objects to open pins faster and without the risk of confusion. Scan the object on site, the corresponding pin opens directly in your app and on the correct plan.

Cross-project dashboard /
global dashboards

For cross-project evaluations, we will be happy to create individual dashboards for you, with which you can display your desired queries and statistics. With these key figures, you can, for example, evaluate for all your projects how many tasks a certain company still has to complete or which activities are still open overall.