docu tools for the Energy and Building Technology

Seamlessly document your progress, record and collect information about the status of the project.

Create your reports with a few clicks, customized to your requirements, transparent and without paper chaos.

These offices rely on docu tools

These offices rely on docu tools

Sound and waterproof

Perfectly document your performance and be
them so secured.

Document exactly
what was built

Capture and collect progress photos and information about the status of the project. Add status updates, photos and videos to each pin to create an indisputable record of work completed on the job site, replacing subjectivity with facts. With docu tools, you have the optimal performance record in your hands.

Reports created
at the click of a button

Whether construction progress reports, defect reports, performance records or supplementary documentation: All necessary reports can be output to PDF, Word and Excel files at the click of a button. Your report templates can be freely designed in MS Word and Excel. This means that docu tools can be used to create any report you can think of.

Fire protection

Fire protection always plays an important role in TGA: By importing your specific properties as lists (so-called datasets), you can perfectly link your documentation with information on fire dampers, sprinkler systems or material lists.

Obstruction notifications & control services

Delay is always a sensitive issue in construction. With docu tools you can immediately indicate obstructions (e.g.: no breakthroughs available, garbage in the way, drywalls not yet erected, preliminary work of other trades not yet completed, etc.) and document the resulting control services in order to be able to charge them cleanly. This documentation saves you money and potential trouble.