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Examples of use

Cities and municipalities, Infrastructure companies

In the municipal sector, it is essential to maintain regular documentation and implement upcoming renovations to infrastructure correctly and in a timely manner. docu tools ensures that you won’t miss any deadlines, and helps you plan your investments and keep all project partners in the loop.

The building structure is the foundation

Take photos of the current condition with docu tools.

The photo is documented along with your plan, for example for purposes of
monument preservation.

Also works for power plants!

Documenting infrastructure

Traffic lights, lighting systems, trees, drain grilles, potholes:

Add maps, document conditions and forward all information immediately for the purposes of repair.

Document a whole city!

Safety inspections

Regular inspections to ensure safety must be carried out in every nook andcranny.

Simply document the situation on site and create a report at the touch of abutton.

These local authorities and infrastructure companies already use docu tools

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