How it all began… The “birth“ of docu tools

In 2009, construction of the new Terminal 3 at Vienna Int’l Airport, then known as Skylink, was under way, facing more than just one problem. Almost everything that can go wrong on a construction site also went wrong, resulting in a building halt.

As the opening was originally scheduled for 2008, construction was already one year in delay in 2009. Thus, the principal ordered a conservation of evidence enforced by a court in order to document the state of the building at this very moment.

Dr. Matthias Rant’s expert office was retained with this greatest ever conservation of evidence in Austria. There were more than 3,600 rooms to be examined, with thousands of defects recorded with more than 120,000 photos. This quantity of evidence called for a new solution, which the team around Matthias Rant developed and called it “Doku-Rant” after its initiator.

In 2012, Terminal 3 at Vienna Int’l Airport was finally opened – and the now sophisticated documentation software docu tools “came into the world”. Following the “baptism of fire” at Skylink, docu tools was used for yet another conservation of evidence of an additional project at Skylink, where thousands of spaces in the suspended ceilings and around 25,000 steel suspensions had to be documented.

This approach prevented Vienna’s airport from what happened at Berlin-Brandenburg airport – a complete disaster by timeline and budget.

Today, docu tools is being used from scratch in large-scale international projects – not only for the principal’s purposes, but obligatory for all subcontractors.

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